The Art of Feminine Marketing with Julie Foucht

Are you a woman healer, a teacher, a coach, a mystic who knows in your heart that you are meant to do big things? Do you see yourself standing on world stages, inspiring, teaching, healing 1000s? Are you ready to up your income, lead a tribe of like-minded followers and live a life of adventure and impact? But every time you try to use the ‘proven’ strategies that marketing ‘gurus’ preach, you feel as if you are squeezing your gifts into a box too small for your spirit. And while you are attempting to ‘fit in’ with the BIG BOYS, underneath, you fear that the world is a dangerous place for women. History has taught us that women who stand out, who challenge the status quo, who are healers and witches, are persecuted. So you hide your special sauce. The magic that you slip into you client work when no one is looking; Your ability to connect with the Divine Feminine in the spiritual realm and use unseen powers in order to create phenomenal results for your clients. You are terrified what will happen if people find out about your gifts. They will lose respect, label you as one of those ‘New Age Weirdos’ (side note: I love New Age weirdos), and all your clients will leave you. The messages you received from society, religion, perhaps your own family was to toe the line and not draw attention to your special abilities. That they are bad, maybe even evil. Historically, being a woman of power led to stoning, drowning and being burned at the stake. It’s no wonder we women are cautious. The truth is: Hiding is costing you money. What’s worse is that the people you are here on earth to serve, who belong in your tribe, can’t find you. So your impact is lost. If you know it’s time for you to step forward and claim the niche you are meant to serve in a way that feels right without watering down the spiritual truth of what you are designed to do in the world… To come out of the closet with marketing that is so compelling that your perfect clients awaken to your magic and seek you out… To take a stand for a new way of doing business that honors the Feminine spirit… This is the podcast for you. In this podcast we'll explore how you can build a profitable business that honors your Feminine Essence and fills your bank account.
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Apr 3, 2018

Our money habits are largely influenced by our early experiences with money and the beliefs we create as a result.

As human beings we are always looking for the meaning behind every experience. The same is true with our experiences with money. Your early interactions create beliefs that, if left unexamined, will limit your ability to receive the abundance that is your divine right.

In today’s episode, Julie and Emma share some of their earliest memories and the beliefs they created.

You’ll hear why Emma avoided money, believing it to be dangerous. And how she continued to live her parent’s relationship with money until she “cracked the code” with her first $20,000 month.

Julie shares her story of her very first business, at age 5, and how that led her to believe she didn’t have a right to money. This led her to stay in an abusive marriage for 20 years until discovered her limiting pattern and chose to change it.

Plus, why “There are no problems to be solved, only more gifts to be discovered.” Jeffry Van Dyk


  • Journal your earliest memories of money.
  • Note the thoughts that pop up around those memories.
  • Note what the little you might have believed because of those memories.
  • Without judgement list your beliefs about money.

Next episode: Transforming your money beliefs


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